Country: Holland
Title: Stone Cold Steel
Label: Into The Limelight Records
Year: 2017
Style: Hard'n'Heavy

It takes either a kick in the butt (hence to be fired), or serious balls to leave a legendary band like the Dutch Picture and form your own thing, but that's what Pete Lovell (vocals), Mike Ferguson (guitar) and Andre Wullems (guitar) did and this is the result. Lovell's Blade was founded in 2016 but by the speed the managed to move it seems this was boiling for some time now, and here we have the debut album, a 10 tracks effort clocking over 40 minutes of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, a crossroad between AC/DC and Saxon I'd say. Track titles like "Nothin' to Lose", "Out for Blood" or "Rise and Fall" might appear like statements from the Picture ex-members, but what matters is that this album sounds really good, mature like the five members have been playing together for a lifetime, catchy and somehow fresh yet keeping that old-school Heavy Metal charm intact. It's a mostly light and bright type of Heavy Rock, but it also has some darker, more aggressive parts here and there, and some epic passages as well, so we're treated with a bit from everything, even something for the ladies (Glam influenced) thrown inthere in a couple of tracks. Pete's vocals are quite raspy but warm and calculated, hitting the right tones all the time so that it all sounds professional making the listener feel relaxed, and the instrumental part is top notch as well, so all in all, although it doesn't benefit from such a powerful moniker as Picture, I think Lovell's Blade will do good, especially since it's obvious its members are having a lot of fun, at least on this debut album.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10