Country: Spain
Title: O Sangue da Noite
Label: I, Voidhanger / Blood Harvest
Year: 2019
Style: Blackened Death Metal

Rou Morgade, the man behind this one man project, mentioned his intention of somehow resurfacing the '90's old-school Greek Black Metal, and this debut album by Sartegos remind of the recordings from those years and that territory by its analog production, and especially by its dense veil of dark melodies that surround his type of Black Death Metal. Although Mayhem comes to mind when you compare the vocal part of this album, and the Greek Black Metal scene when you think of the melodies, the dark and oppressive, almost sinister melodies that surround all compositions here, to me the album reminded mostly of Brazilian masters Mystifier's masterpiece Goetia, and I strongly recommend you this album if you're into Goetia, it's just that this one is a bit mor eon the mid-tempo side than fast paced. Sartegos' highlights are a live recorded drums section that sounds perfectly as it should, a ghoulish, vomiting, disgusting main vocal supported at times by male choirs, a very powerful and upfront bass line, multiple layers of guitars that combine catchy riffs with long melodic solos and leads that give color to the compositions, and last but not least some unexpected Burzum-like (Filosofem / Det Som type) intro, outro and intermezzo. It's not a groundbreaking album, but it's so well done, so tastefully mixed together and so fulfilling if you like your Metal sprinkled with as much expressive passages as possible and at the same time have the old-school in high regard. 10 tracks, a bit over 40 minutes of playing time, well worth checking out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10