Country: Belgium
Title: Blood Reign
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

Young Belgian band founded in 2016, Bleedskin already "tested the water" with an EP out in 2018, and here they are two years later, in the unfortunate year 2020, with a debut album release which I think awaits to be presented to the public this and the next year. Traditional (mostly) fast paced Death Metal with female vocals fronting, this is the name of the game here, maybe with a tiny hint of Grind thrown in here and there, too. Obviously the highlight of the band are Anouk's vocals, she has a very rough, visceral tone that reminds me very much of Corinne's from Dutch Acrostichon. The instrumental part is not bad either, and the first thing that impresses the listener are the massive, hard-hitting, well-thought guitar riffs that can easily be considered the band's engine. The rhythms section is energetic, intense, precise, without standing out too much in the mix, it perfectly represents the band's backbone. The guitar solos, or at least part of them, could have been better with some more work on, and hopefully they will spend more time on this aspect the next time around. What else could I say, the band sounds brutal and tight enough to convince with this debut album, and having such a skilled vocalist is a major plus, but not being able to present it live is a serious set-back and I don't know if they'll be able to stand out from the crowd only by using the online medium. Anyway, if you like your Death Metal the classic way, brutal, ugly and fat sounding, I suggest you check this band out, especially if you know and like Acrostichon's type of female vocals.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10