First of all, let me congratulate you for your latest album “Perpetual Chaos”, excellent Thrash - Death Metal.
Thank you so much! It´s been a crazy ride but we are very happy with the final result!

Please tell us the story of your band, how it all starts?
Nervosa is an all Female Brazilian Thrash Metal Band that started its career in 2010. The band released 3 albums until Fernanda and Luana decided to leave the band one year ago, so Prika the founder member and guitar player announced this new line-up formed by herself, Mia Wallace on bass (Abbath, Triumph Of Death), Eleni Nota on drums (Masque of Prospero), and myself as the new vocalist (Bloodhunter). We released our brand new album “Perpetual Chaos” last January via Napalm Records and we can’t wait to play these new songs for all of you as soon as we can!!

Will you be so kind too described the concept of your album?
“Perpetual Chaos” deals with the topic of human behavior and how that had a big impact on our planet earth on many levels: corruption, wars, animal abuse, poverty… Each song deals with a different topic so it’s a very diverse compilation of many different subgenres of metal: you can find some crossover at songs like “Time To Fight” or some Motörhead vibes at “Rebel Soul” with Eric AK Knutson form Flotsam & Jetsam as special guest. We are very honored to have so many amazing collabs in this album!

The album has an interesting cover, who is responsible for it?
Abrar Ajmal was the designer and I think he did an amazing job! Blue is not very common at the Thrash Metal scene and that makes this cover pretty unique.

Also, what can u tell us about the meaning of lyrics?
As we were talking some lines before, this album deals on how humanity have been destroying the planet earth from many centuries ago but also we speak about other important problems of our time as suicide or drug abuse. 

Did you have good time in the studio with the recording?
Sure! It was the first time that we met all together so it was very special for us. I’m sure we will remember this amazing experience forever.

How was it for you the all Covid-19 situation?
Each one of us spent the previous months of entering the studio in a lockdown as anybody, so when we had the chance of being all together and living like if everything was back to normal (following the recommendations), it was amazing. We are living in these dark times where everybody is struggling to survive against loneliness and isolation (in the best scenarios), so having this opportunity of creating new music has been wonderful.

Where we can find your creations?
You can find all the information in our website WWW.NERVOSAOFFICIAL.COM and you can buy our merch at our webstore WWW.NERVOSASTORE.COM , we ship worldwide!!

The last words belong to you.
Thank you so much for giving us the chance of spreading the word about us, stay tuned to the news because new things are coming! Stay safe & stay metal !

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev / Answers by Diva

April 2021