Interview with Midgard vocalist for Spellcraft.

Hails brother! Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Hail Patrick… I’m Midgard singer of SPELLCRAFT is a band with 13 years living the black metal scene here in Spain and in Europe, we play a mixt of raw black metal with agressive melodic riffs.
We have one demo in 1997 "funeral in the night" and in 2002 we recorded our second demo "Souldevourer" who liked people here in Spain but we weren’t satisfied with it until which we released "Stirpe obscura" our first work really professional.
When did you first start getting into metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current" favorites?
In my quarter when was a child (in the eighties) my brother and his friend was listening all the day Heavy metal this music bewitched me completely, I love bands such as Exciter, WASP, Judas Priets and so on I grew with them... currently I still listen old heavy metal, thrash, death and black my favourites bands are Dissection, Morbid angel, Kreator, Entombed (old), Emperor, Slayer and one neverending list a current band which have called my attention; it's Rev 16:8 great swedish black metal.

When did you all get the idea to form Spellcraft? What is the "current" line-up? For the readers who have not had the chance to hear the band yet how would you describe Spellcraft's music?
SPELLCRAFT was formed by five friend with one only idea to play black metal, nowadays more or less; the line up is the same Murcilag (guitar), Aldromk (guitar), Scythe (bass), Fulgur (drums) and me singer…
I would describe our music with few words; SPELLCRAFT DOBERMANN ANTICHRIST METAL.

Please tell the readers a little about your newest release "Infernal Demo's Revelation". Why did you all decide to re-release the demos onto a single cd?
It´s a mixture of our past Demos recorded in the past. People ask us about them and we are re-issue a limited edition copies for our fans. We are very surprised about the answers of our fans about this old songs were recorded in 1997 and 2001.

Besides the Infernal Demo's Revelation does the band have any other releases or merch availble for the readers?
There isn't more releases but they can find merch available in our myspace and in the website of our record lable: 
Also can obtain the "Infernal demos revelation” you get in touch with:

Has the band started writing songs for Spellcraft's next CD/release? How many songs will be on the new release? Have you all set a release-date for the new CD? Will it be self-released or have you found a honest label to work with?
Currently we are preparing our next album that it will be released at the end of this year, the new work will have seven songs in total these songs are long enough, at the moment we still follow with Grotesque rec. but the future shall speak.

Speaking of new music when the band begins working on a new song how long does it usually take to complete? Does the whole band work on the music writing process or does 1-2 members handle everything?
The process of creation of a song it's totally different in each case, by it I can't say the work that is inverted for creating a whole song; it's very elastic depends on technical degree on it… in Spellcraft every member has his assignment but our guitar Murcilag is the creator of our compositions then we work together to complete the song following his guidelines.

Does Spellcraft play live very often or do you prefer to keep the band more of a studio only band? Who are some bands you have played/toured with? If you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who would you like to tour with?
This year we don't want to play in live, we prefer to create new stuff for recording as soon as possible the second album; only we'll play in some festival… we have shared stage with the best spanish bands such as Profundis Tenebrarum, Human Mincer, Graveyard… if I could choose; I would like to play with any band honest and true that they really feel what they do it's the most important.

Reading over the bands bio it says the band is heavily influenced by the "occult". When did you first become drawn to the dark arts?
Of course which we are influenced by the occult this the exist and essence of Spellcraft but also we want to transmit with our work; darkness, hate, war against everything established and all that the people want to listen and imagine with our music… all this are in our lyrics and sound.

Do you consider yourself a satanist? How do you feel the world would be different if religion were never invented? {both christanity and satanism}
Each one has to have your own opinion about it if not this; would be a fucking religion as well… for me the Satanism is the control of my own feelings and thoughts; without exterior alterations only as a point in the cosmos in union with it.

Coming back to music  for a moment everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means. So what does "black metal" mean to you?
Black metal is obviously our form of expression but also it is a way of living… we don’t think political race and we believe in the mysticism in all around the world things. All the music and lyrics of the band are pregnant of darkness, Satanism like a personal form of do whatever people want to do against the politics and church rules…

I know you have been a part of the scene for many years now. So I was interested how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? Do you feel it has gotten better or worse with invention of the internet?
Well the world is in a continue evolution and we have to adapted to it if you are… not adapted you die, and I think it’s in all the aspects… years ago the scene was more primitive and pure currently there is a lot idiots inside of it hidden in his web page… the best thing of all that; is which the music can arrive to a lot people in very little time, years ago was very slow until that the music was crossing frontiers.

You handle the vocals for Spellcraft when did you first start singing? Who are some of your favorite singers? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?
Firstly my great secret to keep my voice healthy is to drink a lot spanish red wine, just kidding; friend... there are no secrets only I work. I began singing in Levial (death metal old school) with 16 years old, after in Ouija (black metal)... my favourite singers could be Abbath, Dio, Jon Nodveit, Halford, Dave Vincent... for example.

The band comes out of Spain's metal underground. For the readers who may not be real familar with the Spain's metal scene what is your opinion of the underground scene in your area/country? Who are some of your all-time favorite Spanish bands? Are their any new bands the readers should watch out for?
The scene in Spain has grown a lot; I would say bands as Temple Abattoir, Marthyrium, Ered, Balmog…etc nowadays in Spain exist many bands of great quality, old spanish bands which I venerate they are Unbounded Terror, Muro, Baron Rojo...

Do you or any of the other members of Spellcraft play in any other bands/projects? If yes please tell us a little about them.
We play in OUIJA too; is a band cult in Spain, currently we are working in new songs for releasing a new mini-cd the next winter… for it now is a legend alive, I have joinied my strengths with Map (brain of the composition of Ouija) the rest of the band is formed by Murcilag, Fulgur, Aldromk member of Spellcraft too… the new songs sure that they’ll give what to speak.

Well brother we have reached the end of the interview. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thanks so much for your interview and support to us,hope to find son in a concert in U.S.A. it would be great; HAILS TO ALL AMERICAN BLACK METAL HORDE…THE BLACK BLOOD JOIN US.


Interviewed by Patrick

April 2010