Country: Italy
Title: Per Chi ela la Nocc
Label: Vacula Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

My first encounter with this Bergamo based Black Metal band although they have been around since 2014 and this is their third full-length album to date. The CD version of their new album comes with a nice 12 pages booklet that features all lyrics (although they are in ancient local dialect, so I guess not many will understand anything) and what seems like hand-drawn in pencil art to accompany each of the tracks in visual manner, too; looking good, I tell you. Now talking about the music on this new album, we're offered 8 tracks in almost 45 minutes of playing time, a mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal built on harmonies made by the guitar riffs and a piercing shrieking and growling vocals part that represent the expressive side of the album. The bass and drums are audible and important enough in the atmosphere, but unfortunately the low quality production is a real problem here, one that will make you listen very carefully if you want to discover the band's potential, and unfortunately nowadays noone spends much time on digging deep into a band's music if the band is unknown to them. We also get some melodic inserts of acoustic guitars and keyboards, but just a couple here and there to alleviate the atmosphere. The band seems capable of offering some serious Black Metal material and the catchy guitar riffs, the intense rhythms and the versatile vocals are a proof of that, but on this album the production seems too abrasive from my point of view, and that will divide the audience into those who are used to this type of lo-fi production and will hopefully give the band a chance, and those who like more polished stuff, and they will skip the band after half of the first track they listen to. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10