Country: Russia
Title: Uncovered Fears
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2018
Style: Modern Rock Metal

This is not something we usually cover here, a modern type of Melodic Rock / Metal with Progressive touches, quite accessible to the large audience and quite commercial too, but not in a good way, of course. Russian trio Circle Story debuts with 11 tracks into 50 minutes of playing time, 11 tracks with unique identity and sound yet creating a quite curdled whole. The band mixes everything they find suitable and the end result is both accessible, powerful, melodic, progressive and groovy, there's a bit from everything here, and although the vocals are absolutely great (the guy has a fantastic tone that could easily lead the band being played on any mainstream TV in prime-time), I wouldn't say they are the highlight here as that would do no justice to the clever guitar sturctures on both riffs and leads, heavy bass lines, catchy drumming and subtle but expressive keyboard parts, so each could be a highlight. Although I'm not that much into this "soft" style, I'd say we have a damn good band here, one that should push for the mainstream at all costs, this debut is a proof of the band's tremendous potential.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10