Country: Spain
Title: O Nada no Caos Infinito / Danças de Agonia e Peste
Label: Nigra Mors
Year: 2020
Style: Ambient Black Metal

Galician duo Xerion is slowly but surely developing into something more than a Black Metal band, they are deepening more and more into exposing local traditions, history and art, but at the same time their music remains raw and inaccessible to the masses, so it's obvious they are heading towards a cult status in the scene. This release here is made of the band's latest album from 2020, O Nada no Caos Infinito and their latest EP, also from 2020, Danças de Agonia e Peste, and is a two tapes boxset in slipcase that comes together with a book featuring all lyrics and middle-age paintings, plus a Xerion poster, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. It really looks good, artistic I'd say, the presentation give much more depth and seriousness to the musical delivery. Now getting to the music on it, Xerion alternated between mid-tempo to fast paced raw Black Metal that could remind a bit of Mayhem, but more dissonant and less polished if you can imagine that, and long calm passages of sometime Celtic inspired, sometimes even oriental inspired medieval music made on organ, piano and keyboards, all with a deep church-like or dungeon feeling. It all sounds interesting to say the least, not accessible to the masses, but very interesting and artsy if I may say so. Although the band is releasing a ton of material lately, this boxset is really something you should have in your collection as it looks and sounds great; 70 minutes of impressive underground Raw Folk Ambient Black Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10