Country: France
Title: Náa
Label: Non Posse Mori Records
Year: 2021
Style: Atmospheric Doom Black Metal

I remember being very impressed by this band's debut EP, Ahi Cab, a year ago, especially by its concept, by the whole atmosphere it transmitted, and it seems this new EP is continuing on the same path, which is great. Idolos is a French duo that builds a serious concept music inspired by extraterrestrial and Mayan mythological themes but in a very rich, expressive, involving manner that takes the listener to other temporal and territorial worlds. The music itself is not very original, although some '70's Prog Rock influences are totally unexpected, but they manage to build up a tangible story. Traditional (Norwegian inspired) Black Metal meets classic Greek Doom Black Metal, meets Dark Ambient, meets Black Death Metal, meets Post Black Metal, and as explained before, a very touching Prog Rock insert in the last track, an influence I'd very much love to hear more in their music. I'm not too fond on the production on this one, it lacks power and it feels somehow clogged, so I put all my money here on the rich compositions and passionate execution (just listen to the vocalist's versatility throughout the whole EP) beside the already praised overall concept. From my point of view Idolos are beyond promising, now people just need to discover them. Released in 4 panel Digipak version with 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics and story that are mandatory to understand what's up here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10