Country: Ukraine
Title: Palimpsests
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records / Cimmerian Shade Recordings
Year: 2017
Style: Progressive Funeral Doom Metal

Monumental is the right word for this second studio album from Ukrainian Vin de Mia Trix, a quartet that's celebrating its first decade of activity. The new album is made of only 4 tracks but they are long enough for a double CD release, more than 100 minutes of "open minded" Funeral Doom Metal, or Progressive how many will call it. Unlike most of the Funeral Doom we're used to, VdMT's music attracted influences from many other genres and the result is versatile, complex, balanced, epic and expressive. It took the guys 6 years to produce such a titanic work, but as they hoped for, it was well worth it, the album easily manages to take the listener to its own dimension and keeps it captive for as long as the two discs last. The guitar work is excellent, there are many, many layers and facets of it to discover and enjoy, managing to fully fill for the lack of keyboards in emphasizing the melodies, the bass lines are not only very important in the overall atmosphere, but also give the material a classy touch with plenty of upfront "solos", the drumming is subtle but at the same time dramatic, acting like the real backbone of VdMT's music, and last but not least the vocals are exactly as versatile and interesting as they should be, delivering everything from enchanting clean vocals to choirs, to growls and even Black Metal shrieks at times, everything you can imagine. The overall atmosphere and feeling of the album is of course sad and sombre, but this doesn't mean it's a monotone material, on the contrary, it offers a lot, don't be afraid to try it even if at first its length might appear too much. What a release!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10