Alfahanne are about to release their debut "Alfapokalyps” via Dark Essence Records and they will surely get a lot of attention because of their highly addictive music but also because they have many famous guests on this first output. Read on to learn more.

What was the main reason to create Alfahanne?
Alfahanne was not created. Alfahanne created itself based on our vision and will to bring good music out into this world. 

What does Alfahanne mean? What does it stand for?
It´s means Alpha Male. It goes without saying what it stands for. 

Alfahanne mix black metal with classic rock and punk and some goth influences. Is this a sucessful formula? What exactly is alfapocalyptic rock?
Alfapokalyptic rock is what you hear on the album. You described it yourself above. As many try to label it as a mix of many genres we simply created our own genre… 
We are all big fans of 80 synth rock. There isn`t a black metal band that come near the darkness that dwells in many of these songs. But still we love Transylvanian hunger with Darkthrone so why not put these two influences together. 

Has the experience of some members in Vinterland and Maze of Torment been valuable?
Of course everything we have been doing prior to Alfahanne is of importance. But the most valuable thing with Alfahanne is the chemistry we have as a band. Alfahanne is a band and no project or something we take lightly on. We share the same vision and ideas about how to write good music and how to express it. There are no exceptions from that vision. With Alfahanne it is one way in, no way out. For us that’s the biggest inspiration. We are like a generator building up our own energy from ourselves.

Alfapokalyps was mastered by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus Studio. Why have you opted for this producer and studio?
Well, what Tore did is mastering the album. Basically he fixed some levels. All recording, mixing and producing was done by ourselves in our own studio. 

According to you "The Mayan’s got it wrong about 2012, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be proved right when we say that the "Alfapocalypse” will happen in 2014 when the new album hits the streets. With Alfahanne there is one way in and no way out." Will doomsday arrive on that day? Why? What is Alfapokalyps after all?
Alfahanne is a way to express our feelings towards the human stupidity and wrecking of this world. Everything Alfahanne is about is a concept in itself... Fuck the world. That is what we are communicating. And I guess that is an Alfapokalyptic philosophy. 

All the title tracks and lyrics are written in your native tongue. Knowing that Swedish is not a language understood by many, why have you opted for it instead of English?
Well it´s the way we do it. It came naturally singing in Swedish and has been that way since day one. It´s our native tongue so it´s the best way to express our lyrics.

The album includes guest appearances from Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth and Helheim’s V’gandr, as well as Taake’s Hoest, who features on Såld På Mörkret. Why these particular guests? Did it have anything to do with their ability to cause controversy?
Niklas being a guest on the album came very natural since we are friends. Hoest and Vgandr guesting the album was something that came up when we learned that they are Alfa fans. It is great that they wanted to contribute and we are very pleased with the result. 

Even though you were formed in 2010, only now are Alfahanne going to release their first full-length album. Was it intentional to wait this long? If not, what caused the delay?
I don´t think that it is a long time to get an album out. It takes a while to get the sound right and there is no use to rush through that process. Alfahanne will never release something we are not 100% satisfied with.

Alfahanne’s first release was the Grym split 7″ with Shining in 2013. How important are splits for you? Why have you opted to do one with Shining?
Shining is close friends to us so it wasn´t a big deal. Niklas asked us if we wanted to be part of the split and we agreed. It was a great first release and we are happy with it.

Being involved in splits and having controversial guests has brought more attention to the band?
Of course the guest we have bring attention to Alfahanne. But also I think the band and our music speaks for itself.

Alfahanne features Pehr Skioldhammer on vocals and guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on guitars, Niklas Åström on drums and Jimmy Wiberg on bass. As this is a kind of supergroup has it been easier for you to ink a record deal?
That question you should ask our label. I think that it is the music and the way you express it that is important when it comes to signing  a record deal.

The cover of your album is basically all orange and features several wolves kinda swallowing each other. What’s the meaning of it all?
It was a band decision to use the wolf and it pretty much reflects the feeling you get from listening to the album.

Skioldhammer is one of the featured guest vocalists on the release from Niklas Kvarforth’s Shining 8 ½ - Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd… you feature in their albums and they feature in yours. How’s your relationship?
As mentioned above we are friends. We are happy Niklas wanted to participate on our album as well as we gladly participate on his albums.

Being a relatively new name on the scene, how have you managed to tempt the likes of Taake’s Hoest, Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth, and Helheim’s V’gandr to make guest appearances on the album?
Maybe you´ll have to ask them about that. We asked them and they liked the music so they wanted to be a part of the album.

You’ve been getting reviews in which you basically get the highest score possible. Have you expected it to be this appreciated?
We are happy with the nice response we have got so far. Of course we believe in our music.

How hard/difficult was it signing a deal with Dark Essence Records?
First I must say that we are glad to have signed the deal with Dark Essence Records. They truly are a great label. We sent them a couple of songs and they got interested. 

Your vocalist’s live outfits are rather original. What kind of reactions do you usually receive from the audience?
We are a live band and must be experienced live. We have done a couple of live shows and they have all made a huge impact to the audience. We use to borrow Niklas from Shining and it usually ends up in chaos.

Many thanks for your time. Please share a final message with Pest’s readers.
Be sure to pick up the album when it´s released and support the Alfahanne Deathcult. We guarantee you won´t be disappointed. Hail the Alfa Hordes. Also be sure come see us live sooner or later we will come to your town.

Questions by Sónia Fonseca

February 2014