Country: USA
Title: War Metal
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Black Death Metal

Prophets of the Apocalypse is, contrary to what the name would suggest, a one man band of Pete Serro, a veteran on the Metal scene, being part of a band called Strychnine all through the '90's. Pete is marketing his music quite chaotically, from War Metal to Blackened Thrash Metal to Epic Thrash Metal, but the truth is close as his music style is indeed quite chaotic, you wouldn't be able to pinpoint it to a specific genre, but the sure thing is this is not what we call nowadays War Metal, meaning Bestial Black Metal, this is actually a combination of Thrash Metal (as root for all), Blackened Metal, Death Metal and even Speed Metal. Not sure if Pete is considering this a full-length release or an EP, but I'd go for the latter since this is made of 7 tracks clocking only 23 minutes. The production is quite thin for an album, too, and I especially dislike the synthetic sounding drum-machine, as usual. All tracks act as ramps for Pete to show off his guitar skills, his explosive solos are endless and present almost everywhere, while his riffing is a combination of influences from Black and Thrash Metal, fast and furious indeed. All in all I'm sure Pete is a good guitarist, but I'd search for a full line-up band if I were him, this sounds more like a demo project.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10