Could you tell me about the Label "Dedfuck Records" (Anything you have)
It was a label and distro I created when I started doing tape trading and sending letters all over the world. I pretty much only released my own projects; Kuru was the first one, I put out a Rebulvonkenteple tape (which was my first ever recording project). I honestly can’t remember everything that came out on that label, but I did end up releasing some other tapes from friends bands and I did a couple of compilation tapes. One of the last releases on Dedfuk was the first Fuck The Facts tape. Then I charged the name of the label to Ghetto Blaster Recordings, and that’s what the following few FTF releases where released under.
Topon started the project correct?  Was it just Topon or others as well?  
It was just me and sometime around 1996/97 was when I did the first recordings that would later end up being released under the name Fuck the Facts. In 2001 is when the "band” started, though it’s all different people except for me from that initial line-up.
Is it true that you were nameless for awhile, even after making recordings?
Ya, the first recording I just labeled as "Grindtastic”, it sat around on a 4-track tape for a couple of years before I called it Fuck The Facts and put it out.  In 1999 is when I decided on the name and put out the first FTF tape.
How did the vocalist Mel Mongeon become involved in the band?  I heard she does a lot of the artwork on the records...
Our first vocalist; Brent (who was also in Kuru with me) got tired of doing it. Actually he was tired of doing it when we ended Kuru. I think he just played in FTF as a favor to me. First Mel just filled in for a couple of shows that Brent didn’t want to do, but it wasn’t long after that that he just decided to leave and we brought Mel in full-time. Since she’s been there, she’s handled most of our artwork. She was into doing art before she joined the band, so it just made sense for her to take over that part in the band.
When did the lineup finally become solid and do you think that this is the best lineup to date as far as the band goes?
The line-up we have now has been together for over 4 years, it’s the longest that we’ve had the same line-up. Every line-up had something a little bit different which is fun, but I think this is the most solid the band has ever been.
Please tell me, from the horse's mouth how the name was chosen (I know you have done this several times before but I feel a lot better hearing it from you myself!)
I picked it straight from the John Zorn "Naked City” album. That’s pretty much it. I liked the title and I thought it suited well what I wanted to do with this project.
So what is happening now with the band?  (Shows, tours, festivals, new songs or records, anything you can be kind enough to sure please?)  Maybe a couple of photos of the band???
We’re on a US and Canadian tour now with The Black Dahlia Murder & Exhumed. After this we’ll probably spend the summer working on new music. We have our own little studio called Apartment 2 (, where we’ve recorded our last few releases as well as a few other bands, so we’ve been recording and pre-proding some new tunes and ideas. It’s too early to tell exactly what the plan will be with this new material, but we do have 3 songs that have been recorded for almost a year that we plan on releasing sometime soon. It’s the last of the songs that were written during the "Die Miserable” period. Not exactly sure how we will release them yet, but we have some ideas. We’re also looking to release the Misery EP on vinyl. In the meantime we started a sort of experimental/ambient/noise alter-ego for FTF called Merdarahta. It’s all of FTF plus different friends that we have collaborating. The B side of the Die Miserable tape was the first release from the project, and since then we’ve released a new recording as well. You can check out more on the project here:

Questions by Lex Luther
Answers by Topon Das

May 2012