Country: Mexico
Title: Nex Nihil
Label: Moribund Records
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

Although Hacavitz are true legends of Mexican Black Metal by now, I don't get why this latest album of theirs had to be released and re-released on 5 different labels... is it selling so well that three different labels released their own CD versions of it? Is Black Metal so damn popular nowadays? Who knows, it might be... Anyway, this is the fifth and so far latest album by Hacavitz, offering 7 tracks in almost 50 minutes of playing time, so we're dealing here with long compositions, not for the profane. Although the album starts with a disgusting, brutal track, it continues towards a surprising direction, a more European-type Black Death Metal rather than the bestial American style, with a predominant Dissection vibe, especially on the catchy guitar leads. Unrelenting drumming, heavy bass lines, guitar riffs balancing between Black and Death Metal, and a wraith-like vocal with plenty of echoing to fill the empty spaces, Hacavitz are masterfully displaying a ferocious yet melodic blend between the main Extreme Metal genres. The atmosphere is dense, dark and oppressive, like clouds of thunderstorm, menacing and imminent as it should be for such an album. Hacavitz prove why they are considered one of the most important names in Mexican Extreme Metal, and Nex Nihil is one hell of a statement!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10