Country: Poland
Title: Leaving the 3rd dimension
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Instrumental Post Rock

I just did another review where I was mentioning the amount of (good) Polish bands invading the scene nowadays and here's another one; this time we're dealing here with an album that's pretty hard to categorize, maybe a crossroad between Spack Rock, Post Rock, and Progressive Metal, all instrumental only, without vocals, but with plenty of rhythm changes and surprises all over, heck there's even a Black Metal-like drums lead short section at some point, or some other that are straight Symth-infused, but the overall atmosphere is quite light and smooth, hypnotizing and creates a safe net for the listener to let go. The metallic sounding guitar riffs and a couple o breakdown attempts (apart from the drums part I just mentioned) are the hardest thing here, but I'd say the band does a good job balancing between soft and hard passages to a point where one really doesn't care if this is Rock or Metal anymore. I think the bass line is the Prog-iest thing inhere, the bassist does his own thing all the time, but it sounds damn supportive to the whole and although his lines are complex and worth following, he doesn't steal the show to the rest. I can imagine listening to this while observing a meteor shower at night, might be pretty interesting. Fans of the above-mentioned genres will have plenty to chew here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10