Country: Germany
Title: Time Space Matter
Label: Pure Rock Records
Year: 2019
Style: Progressive Rock Metal

Second full-length album from this one man studio project from Germany, released 4 years after its debut material, Time Space Matter features 9 tracks that range anywhere from 1 to 17 minutes in length, offering a Progressive and Psychedelic Rock seriously influenced by the 70's Rock (heavy use of hammond and piano included), but also with a hint of Metal which at times becomes even heavier (don't think of Extreme Metal though). The mood on this release ranges from positive, serene, to nostalgic, even melancholic, so again we're presented a wide variety of feelings, and that's probably the most notable aspect of the album, its variety. Since it's a bit far from what we usually cover here I'll resume to that and let you discover more if interested in such sounds, but from a profane point of view Time Space Matter has its cool features that can be enough to make for a good audition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10