Country: France
Title: Tetramental I - Seas of Oblivion
Label: Malpermesita Records
Year: 2018
Style: Pagan Metal

Nydvind are around since 2000 and this is their third full-length album to date released at an 8 years distance from the previous, Sworn to the Elders, but again this seems to be pretty regular since the debut was released 7 years before, in 2003, so we're dealing here with a band that likes to take its time to create and record new material. 8 tracks, 65 minutes of playing time, traditional Pagan Metal, this is what we get from Tetramental I, a music that reminds me of the beginings of the new millenium, when Pagan Metal was a stand alone genre, but was still influenced to a certain degree by Black Metal. This is mid-tempo mostly, with occasional pace speed up, based on repetitive, memorable guitar riffs that transmit a somewhat epic atmosphere even without adding the effect the lyrics have on their music, upfront bass lines and synthetic but not annoying drum machine. The vocal section is made of mostly a hoarse Black Metal like comprehensive vocal supported from time to time by growls and clean vocals, and the abovementioned lyrics are excellent, creating stories worth following and getting into. As a whole, if you're into Pagan Metal I'd say think of a mix between Eiherjer, Windir and Primordial, all from their begining of the '00's era; a good album for nostalgics of those times, but also for those who still like their Pagan Metal with some rough edges, not as polish as it's mostly presented nowadays.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10