Country: Poland
Title: Raskol
Label: Witching Hour Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

I haven't followed the whole Batushka drama, so I have no idea which of the new splinters is the "real" Batushka, and which is something else, and I do not care, it's their own business, but talking about this band, after a debut album, Hospodi, that was (unnecessarily) trashed all over probably also because it was released too close to the moment of separation and people were still under a negative effect, it followed with a few singles that prepared the release of this new EP, Raskol, that features 5 long tracks in half an hour of playing time. The music featured on this EP is what Batushka used us with, but probably also because the novelty of blending Black Metal with Orthodox imagery and musical influences has faded a bit, it might not be so well received again. As said, the music is exactly what you'd expect from this band, don't know if something's missing from the "classic" 2015 album Litourgiya, but atmosphere-wise this is right up that alley, without anything missing, so if you liked that album I see no reason you won't like this one. The only (and I really mean only) thing I would add more would be some (more) leads and solos, for an old-schooler like me such elements are an important feat for any Metal band, not to mention the memorable-effect they have, and maybe, something that's close to impossible, for the band to come up with something extra of their own, beside the Orhodox-influences, I don't know what, maybe some folk instruments to enhance the atmosphere even more. And again, this is top-notch Black Metal with the unique particularity Batushka has, with intense and oppressive riffage, dense rhythm section, desperate shrieks seconded by orthodox male chants, with its fair share of melodic semi-acoustic parts and even some epic / bombastic passages to increase the tension, open-minded fans of Litourgiya will love this for sure.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10