Country: Norway
Title: Planetarisk Sudoku
Label: Selfmadegod Records
Year: 2017
Style: Progressive Grindcore

Psudoku is a really "crazy child" of crust punkrokers Steinar Kittilsen. "Planetarisk Sudoku" are completely shizo (but great) mix of grindcore (20%), progressive jazz rock (50%) and psychodelic rock from 70th (30%) closed in 4 tracks. In my opinion this is just higher matematica in music, taken from imaginary numbers and crazy holomorpic functions... But this is real combinations between fire and water too - I don't know how much is it still grindcore - so if leader of Psudoku called it grindcore... However seemingly does not seem to have a chance idea it turned out to be a musical curiosity close to the history of alternative extreme and twisted music, heh... Do you like Fantomas? Do you like Naked City? Do you like Mr. Bungle - and do you like Locomotiv Great Train and Pink Floyd? I suppose you'll like it. Do you remember very short "song" of Napalm Death "You suffer"? - There you can hear sth like this in progressive version too. Really!
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 8/10