Country: Greece
Title: The Northwest Revenant
Label: Secret Port / Angry Owl
Year: 2020
Style: Extreme Hardcore Metal

Regarded as "the pioneers of Extreme Greek Metallic Hardcore", Psycorepaths were established in 2004, but relocated to Athens in 2013 probably after releasing their debut full-length, Your Entropia Has Finally Arrived. Now it's time for their second studio album, 7 years after their debut, a very short opus gathering together 8 tracks but clocking only 22 minutes of playing time. Well, keeping in mind that this is a Hardcore band after all, 2-3 minutes per track is the norm, so the total length of the album is no surprise. We're getting here a mid-tempo to fast paced Extreme Hardcore lead by a very abrasive, angry, hateful vocalist which is supported at times by a more sporty, sharp background vocal creating that pumping Hardcore feeling. The guitar riffs are probably the highlight of this band, leading the music and giving it varied flavours, but we shouldn't overlook the rhythm section that's the backbone the band supports itself ranging from fast, Punk/Hardcore rhythms to Hardcore breakdowns and even heavier, more extreme sounds bordered with Thrash Metal. A short but to the point album, very expressive, which feels like an actual declaration of war from the band, a statement that the boys are back in town, and what's even better is that as the album progresses it feels like it gets better, like the tracks are better and better. Give it a chance, but make sure you play it in full, is only a bit over the 20 minutes mark.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10