Country: USA
Title: Law of the Burning
Label: Symbol of Domination / Cimmerian Shade
Year: 2018
Style: Doom Metal

Bestialord is a new band founded in 2016 by two members of Sanctus Infernum, and this is their debut album, 9 tracks into 40 minutes of playing time. What's clear from the start is that the band is looking back for influences and the analog sounding productions is the first proof for that, and from my point of view a very good choice, honest and straight-forward, without "tricking" the listener in any way. The music is based on a mix of traditional Doom with '80's Heavy, Thrash and Death Metal, so a primal take on Extreme Metal if you would, one that doesn't sound that extreme nowadays but one that uses patterns of the genre that were already tested and working, so this might just work as well. To me this band sounds like the Wisconsin based Thrash Death band Rictus Grin went to a Doom Metal bar and got intoxicated, the guitar riffs and the vocals are from the exact same movie, what differenciates the two are the extra influences and there's where Bestialord are clearly on a more Candlemass / Saint Vitus path. All in all 9 tracks of organic sounding Doom Heavy Thrash Death Metal with plenty of moments to get involved and the right amount of variety and complexity to keep things interesting all the way, a good debut.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10