As soon as I heard Cemetery Lust’s “Orgies of Abomination” I knew an interview was in order. Their brand of black/thrash metal is right up my alley and here is an interview with band member Disgustor.

Tell me a bit on how the band forms and were the band members in any other bands before the forming of Cemetery Lust? Did the band go through many line-up changes before getting a solid line-up together?
Hey ya Sick alligator foreskins!!!! Cemetery Lust came together thru nights of hard drinking and partying and blasting the true metal in a dark cat shit smelling basement! Before Cemetery Lust - the guitarist Crystal Seth and I were already perving and shocking audiences with our thrash/grind band NEKRO DRUNKZ, and prior to that I was drumming in a Beer rock band - Motorthrone. I wouldn’t play in a band unless it was about Booze and Sex!!!! Sex Drinks and FUKKIN METAL!!!!!!!!! We kicked Nasty Nate out of the band cuz he was being a cunt for awhile but now he is back in and blasting rails of coke harder than ever - He did not play on our first album "Screams Of The Violated".

How long was the band together before you started to write originals and how does a song come together?
We formed in 2009 and have always been doing original songs influenced by dirty fast and sleazy old school metal pioneers!! Sexual Maniac and Cemetery Lust were the first songs we ever wrote, one time we played a show with just those two songs and everyone still bashed the fuck out each other! Most of the time I think of drum beats and show them to Crystal Seth and he makes up the riffs and then Andrew comes along and lays down his nasty sex lyrics ... they are gross....any publishing companies out there should take note - the singer of Lust could write you one MEAN erotic novel!!! I am getting a chub right now just thinking about it. OH!

In 2009 you released a demo called “Unholy Grave Bangers”. What are your thoughts on this release these days and did you send it out to any record labels or sell it at shows?
Still a great demo in my eyes. One mic in a room 5 cases of beer and some weed.  Press record and cu on the cross!!!!!! We gave em all out for free and one time we played this filthy town called Albany. I like to call it the arm pit of Oregon. Those crazy tweakers and white supremacists loved our songs and were bleeding all over the place. We must have gotten rid of 50 demos there!!! Cheers Albany arm pit psychos!!!!!!

In 2010, you released the “Cum on the Cross/STD” release. Was this a 7” and if so who put it out and what are your thoughts on this release these days?
I wish it was a 7"....anyone reading this in columbia??? Put it out you have my permission!!! It was just yet another cd-r my friend. We recorded it at the RKC castle!! PISS!

Also in 2010, another release came out called “Live & Lusting”. Was this a live tape? Tell me a bit about this release?
This live recording was taken from one of our drunken live rampages at the old school legendary venue The Satyricon. We had some dirty greasy bastards raging in the front row and flipping us off and all the women were putting cigarettes out on the flapjack tits!!! I took a crap in the bathroom and there was no Toilet Paper, so I used a piece of a Stryper album.

At this point was the band playing a lot of live shows and what is the underground metal scene like in Portland, OR?
Yeah a few years back we used to play a lot more. I got a fancy job at a sewage plant doing taste testing so it’s hard for me to break away from my career! The underground scene of Portland IS the best i have experienced.  There aren’t a lot of metal heads but the ones that are lurking around are diehard to the core! The shows are always killer and we love showing out of town bands a drunken violent time! And then hit the strip club after wards! Current killer bands are:  Torture Rack, Maniak, Extractor, Headless Pez, Weregoat, Ritual Necromancy, Raptor, Witch Vomit etc. Old School champions of Portland metal: Wehrmacht, Thy Infernal, Fornicator, Lord Gore, Body Bag, Saviour, Bludgeon, Wild dogs, etc.

In 2011, you released a self-released demo. What are your thoughts on this release and are any of these old releases still for sale at all these days? If not any thoughts of ever getting them re-released one day?
Maybe they will get re-released I got em buried behind our favorite strip club Rose City Strip, I think the ladies go out there to pee when the bathrooms are full so with all that stripper urine sinking thru the ground the sound quality should be great by now right????

At what point did you think you came up with the “Cemetery Lust” sound? Speaking of, what would you say the band sounds like to somebody who has never heard the band and what are some of your favorite bands these days?
We only like to play Fast Heavy and Hard!!!! Cemetery Lust hails to the ruthless schizo maniacs of old: Sepultura, Sarcofago, Sadus, Nifelheim, Destruction, Slayer, Razor, Slaughter. All sorts of each member’s favorite bands.  I am a diehard Macabre, Impetigo, Repulsion! When someone asks what we sound like i reply with "FUKKIN RAPE THRASHING METAL".

In 2012, you released your 1st full length called “Screams of the Violated”. Who released this and is it still for sale? Do you as a band feel comfortable going into the studio?
Screams was released off my record label, the most EXTREME , DRUNK, DISGUSTING record label in the northwest, HEADSPLIT RECORDS ( We did 500 copies pro cd. The CD is sold out and soon to be re-issued from the mighty Hells Headbangers in the winter of 2014!! If you have the Headsplit version of Screams you are a diehard and I’ll drink a beer with you! We don’t like the studio, but suck it up and sniff up the blow and get the shit done!

Now we come top 2014 and you have a brand new release on Hell’s Headbangers called “Orgies of Abomination”. How did you end up on Hells Headbangers and also how did you come up with the title for your new cd?
I was at Dairyland Methfest 2013 and marched over to the HHR merch booth, drunk as hell and gave em a serious talking too! I annoyed them so much they agreed to sign our gross band just so i would go back to Oregon! Then I guess our filthy tunes just grew on the HHR boys and now they are over there pumpin Iron and punching all the posers in Ohio! We came up with the album title by drinking 80 beers each and talking about how cool it would be to see a bunch of pale dead bodies writhing around in a mass grave grotesquely moving in and out of each others openings until their rancid green zombie spunk & putrid pussy liquid fills the grave and they drown and die all over again!

How have the reviews been for your new release? I think it is fantastic. How easy was it for you guys going into to the studio and what was the hardest thing that you faced with the recording of your new release?
You like the noise?!! You must be deaf or sick in the head! (both-chris) I Think I am losing my mind right now myself....better call the looney bin?!! The reviews have been good I suppose....AND LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY KUNTS, cause we are rich and will spare no expense to fly to your parents shitty house and kick the living shit out of you if you say otherwise. Not really, we encourage the hate!!! The hardest thing of recording the newest release was making Nasty Nate wipe the cheeseburger grease off his cocaine fingers so he could play the guitar parts correctly! We went and got drunk after with some big breasts shaking around.

Do you hope to do some kind of mini tour to support this new release? With so many bands and releases coming out these days how do you plan on separating yourselves from all the garbage out there?
If I can get time off from the sewage plant yes we will come to your town drink your beer and set a few turds on fire at your mom’s place!! We don’t separate ourselves from the garbage - WE ARE THE GARBAGE AND we will take out the trash (which is all the shit trend metal foo foo button up shirt wank fakery).

Do you feel you’re a good live band and are there any live clips of the band on say YouTube and places like that?
There are a shitload of you tube videos of us thrashing and raging... are they good? Who knows! Come see for yourself and poor some tequila down your pencil thin neck!!! Buy our CD listen to it in your room, bang your girlfriend, and break your coffee table, save your money instead of going out!

People nowadays want their music for free. What are your thoughts on downloads and stuff these days?
Give it all away - let the filth flow strong! But BUY & SUPPORT the bands you love and believe in! Go to Live shows buy a shirt, long sleeve, beer koozie, cd, vinyl, cassette, condom, fanny pack, spatchula, whatever! Take something home and support extreme metal madness!!!

If you had to pick one cover tune to do, what song would it be and why?
We have covered a few songs : Coven - Iron Dick, Hobbs Angel Of Death - Crucifixion, Sepultura - Necromancer, Slayer - The Antichrist, Razor - Cross Me Fool. Next I want to cover Slaughter - Tortured Souls or something by Sarcofago if i can figure out how to play DD Crazy's impossible drums (yeah right huh?)

How did you come up with the name and were any other names thrown around?
Smoking cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde all night had something to do with coming up with the name I think. I don’t remember because my brain is rotting out. Doh!

How long do you see the band sticking around?
As long as there are Tits, Cold Beers, Good Weed, Free drugs, Guns, Knives Liquor - Cemetery Lust will remain.....well .... until our bass player Raypissed dies from being Portland's most successful alcoholic or our singer Andrew goes to jail for being a 3rd time looser with his Public Masturbation charges or until Crystal Seth gets locked up for beating the shit out of everyone....fuck it!

How much time in any given week is spent doing band related things?
Right now you can find all members of Cemetery Lust at local bars/stripclubs. Mainly Rose City Strip, instead of writing new tunes, but that’s about to change. I am cracking the whip on these motherfuckers and we are beginning work on new material in June/July!!!!! Expect faster/dirtier drumming /sharper razor guitar solos/ twisted lyrics and more!! Our other foul ass band NEKRO DRUNKZ have a full length album coming out in June called  "Tyrants Of Toilet Music" for fans of the Mentors/Autopsy/Abscess/AxCx. Pick up a copy and shove it up your ass and then pull it out and play should sound pretty good then!

Please plug any band websites. (tons of underground cassette releases and more) (crystal seth and I's other porno thrash grind band - listen up kunties!!!) - cemeterylust/headsplit contact - send us your hate mail and pics of your girlfriends big rumps!!!

Any last words. Horns up for the interview.
Drink Beer - Eat Pussy Till Your Jaw Falls Off - Fuck Christ - Support True Metal - Die! Thank you metal master! 666

October 2014