Country: France
Title: Aequilanx
Label: Battlesk'rs Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Black Death Metal

We're not used to this totally raw, absolutely unpolished type of sound even for demos anymore, we live different times when any band can have a professional sound unless they chose to sounds like the old days. This is an old demo, recorded in 1997, by the short lived Asmodee from Nantes, France, initially released on tape and vinyl by Drakkar Productions and End All Life Productions, and now re-released in Digipak CD version by Battlesk'rs Productions. We get 4 tracks that at first might seem too harsh, really abrasive, but once you get into the whole atmosphere you discover a damn good band. Mixing Black and Death Metal Asmodee impresses at first with the razor-sharp piercing vocals of Spica, then through the compositions that are mostly fast, brutal, and uncompromising, yet with good technical level to avoid being boring; the drums are frantic, even demented from start to finish, the guitars are blending Black and Death Metal patterns very well, and the bass line is very upfront, imposing, very influential on the whole music. Only 4 tracks, 19 minutes of playing time, but believe me, they will make you feel like you're experiencing the bloodiest of wars. The subtle keyboard backgrounds are an excellent addition, even though they don't have an impact like to consider this melodic in any way, they enhance the mystical atmosphere of the record. An excellent demo, thanks to Battlesk'rs for exhuming this French Black Metal underground relic and sharing it even though in limited edition of only 333 copies, it really reminded of those '90's records I grew up with.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10