Country: Austria
Title: Maere
Label: AOP Records
Year: 2021
Style: Post Black Metal

I'm such a sucker for this album I feel ashamed I have to say a few words on it, I'm honestly so blinded (read deafened) by how much I like it, I cannot find any weak points to it. I think there's only perceptions here, if you're looking for Raw Black Metal, or even traditional Black Metal, you won't find it here, Harakiri For The Sky are blending as usual Post Metal, Alternative Rock, Post Punk and give them a Black Metal spin with an avalanche of blasting drumming, a healthy dose of ice-cold guitar riffing and the desperate screams that alltogether expertly mixed and mastered result in a monumental 84 minutes long album that is both demanding and tiresome for some listeners, and completely refreshing and rewarding if you're choosing to allow it to unfold in full. Deeply emotional, oppressive and at the same time soothing, varied and complex, memorable, Maere is just a brilliant piece of work that will definitely hit the year-end tops all over the world this year, as for myself I think this is the Post Black Metal album I enjoyed the most, ever.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10