Country: France
Title: (F)unfair
Label: Fantai'zic Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Alternative Groove Metal

Presented as Alternative Neo-Metal, Dusk of Delusion music on this debut album at least to me sounds heavily influenced bu Slipknot, maybe too heavily influenced yet the production is not at all that aggressive and explosive as the Americans' is (obviously). The fast paced parts are very good, quite energetic, but the slow to mid-tempo parts are lacking power from my point if view and if the balance between the two wouldn't be as good as it is there would have been a lot of boring moments on this album; now it somehow works and the overall impression on Dusk of Delusion's debut album is a good one. It's actually a combination of Groove Metal, Alternative Metal, nu-Metal, Grunge, Punk and even Melodic Metal, with a good original concept behind it (as the cover and title suggest this is about circus life), I think it only lacks a more powerful production and more emphasis on the catchiness of their tracks which translates in better choruses, of course. Not my type of music, but if I were in their shoes I'd sell my house and buy an opening slot on a Slipknot tour, the potential is there, it only needs polishing and a strong image.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10