Hell’o! I remember Pandemonium from Warsaw’s gigs in Fugazi, in Krolowka School and Park club, I remember „Devilri” recorded on cassette tape, I still have it in my collection... But I will not ask you about  your history, I would like to ask you about contemporary Pandemonium. You relased a new digi-pack called just „Promo 2010” in 2010. Isn’t it a little strange title? Pandemonium is a very old band, tell me about this promo, in fact you put in some video material, not only music tracks...
Paul: Hello my friend! Many, many years ago... So I tell you the truth, I remember those days  very well. As you can see, we have just relased Promo material now !!! But, in fact, this is nothing inappropriate. We wasted some years, that is why we relased a promo. This promo is not a raw promo with xero cover with bad quality of sound. This is a quasi-profesional relase, it will be a brillant for collectors in the future. We have got two good realised, premiere tracks, some video materials and, as I said, this is not raw-xerocopy, this is regular and professional relase promo album.
Mark: Hello! When I’m thinking about it now, we should call this material „Mega Satan Masterpiece”, heh ;) But in fact, it’s a promo, not for sale. This is relased just for presentation on what’s doing Pandemonium now and what you’ll see when we’ll publish „Misanthrory” album. Promo includes two new tracks, recorded without „masturbation” with sound. The tracks that we are preparing for „Misanthrope” album will be better of course, probably we’ll record them in a different way, that is why our „Promo 2010” is „brillant” for collectors, with untypical tracks. We are interested in bigger festivals, that is why we put some video materials on this promo. These are bootleg’s records, so this is the clou of underground stage, isn’t it? But we are a mature band so we published a professional CD as digipack. We sent it to a lot of labels and zines too. It’s time for planning gigs and festivals in Poland or abroad so if somebody doesn’t know Pandemonium yet, it will be a good occasion for it. 

The second fresh meat is „Two Decades of Unholy Existence”, relased as VCD material...
Paul: Oh, this is not 100% seriously relased VCD. These are tens copies with amateur records of two concerts, that was a late bonus to „Hellspawn”, we have just sent it as promo material to the World. Our idea was to present how Pandemonium’s gigs looked like. Then we knew, that „Promo 2010” was incomplete yet but we would like to present our band at many places, so finally we relased it as a bonus. In our opinion Quality of these records is good, that is why e.g. you had got it.

As we told before, „Promo 2010” included some materials from Metal Time Fest and Od Nowa Metal Fest. I would like to ask you about other gigs, how often do you play, how many people come at shows? Could you tell us more about your future plans?
Paul: We thought up to play concerts with a new graphic design. Minus is the problem to display it all, we need a bigger stage to organise it. We don’t ignore smaller events of course, but during the local, small gigs we can’t use all our „liturgical vestments”. On bigger gigs we can see hundereds of people, so fame is spread...
Mark: We play gigs anywhere we can play, both in bigger cities and in forgotten by Satan small, beautiful villages at the borders of Poland. From time to time we can see that the gigs in these places are more, more funfuckingtasting in terms of attendance, organisation and fans reactions. I love it, I funfuckingtasting love it and each trip to a small city is a really big fun for us. As you know, we don’t live in California, Switzerland or Scandinavia or other civilised part of the World. Life is brutal and we have to work hard in the factory, isn’t it? That is why we are planning gigs on the weekends, in our opinion it’s the best time for people to come to the gigs, but all situation is in organizer’s hands. If somebody doesn’t think seriously about promotion like posters or something like this, you know, that attendance will be bad. I can play for 50 fans too, it’s normal, but if you go to the gig, like gypsy camp, 400 kilometres, and you can’t see any posters on the cities walls, you can be a bit angry and your dick falls... Fortunately that happens rarely and usually gigs are great. Now we don’t play very often because we are working with „Misanthropy” material and in the spring we are planning to play some gigs with attractive bands from the West... But now it’s a mystery and only us know these plans and Lucipher ;)

Does it happen that you play „Unholy Existence”? I remember this track from ancient times ;) and from now non-existent radio Overground... Or do you play track just from later albums, „Hellspawn” and „The Zonei”?
Paul: „Unholy Existence” is a must, we have it in our schedule. It can not be otherwise, this is our flag-track, this piece is like „amen” in the praying. I my opinion we play the most energetic tracks live. Something from „Gat Etemmi”, from „From Oblivion” and from „Hellspawn” of course.
Mark: Does it happen ??? Dude, „Unholy Existence” and „Memories” are our fundamental tracks on every gig! I confess that „Mandatory” is my favourite track, but „Unholy” kick fans’ asses too. Oldschool and total destruction... People get angry and, I see, Satan looks from beyond... Our strategy is to choose to play tracks which we can play with kicking ass. Now we don’t play tracks from „The Zonei”, that is a good album to listen to at home while drinking red wine or tasting a green joint... We prefer to play on gigs hits from „Devilri”, „From Oblivion”, „Gat Etemmi” and „Hellspawn”. In the nearest future we will be playing lyrical-unholy vomits from „Misanthrophy”.

Great, therefore tell us more about „Misanthropy”. Will it be relased in 2011?
Paul: All signs from the sky and on the earth say, that in 2011 we will relase our next studio album called „Misanthropy”. We have just finished this new material and we are planning logistics of recording. It is expected of track, which samples were included on „Promo 2010”. Now we have eight tracks and it will do, I think. We have to correct it and „fasten the last button”. It will be a challenging  process with a lot of work and we’ll try to answer the question: what can we do in music more? I’m sure, we can do it! 
Mark: We don’t rush with „Misanthropy”, but our work is approaching the end, we don’t feel any pression. We are planning to relase it on Pagan Records at the end of this year. We reject the conventions, trends and any contemporary death metal fashion. All tracks have to be accepted by all members with full enthusiasm, no compromise! A lot of sounds, riffs and finished tracks we put to trash, because after a short time they cease to convince us. „Misanthropy” will be a heavy, hard and dark album with many morbid melodies and vocals, grinded riffs and depressive guitar sounds. This is not the material for orthodox blasts fan or pure technical playing maniacs. This will be magic, ritual, madness, fear, obsession, hate for humans race, these will be a „Misanthrope”’s lyrics. It will also be in its own way melodic, if you can call hanged witches’ crackle in forgotten forest a „melody”.

OK., I want to ask about inspirations during your act of creation. What do you think about when you write Pandemonium’s lyrics? Are you inspired by the situations from your life? I ask about mystic and „normal” part of life... Or are these lyrics not connected with it? And what about your private music fascinations?
Paul: Mistic is included in all things that surround us and we try to see it by mistic’ eyes. From time to time I can do this! The more you live the more you know. You learn, analize, explore, draw conclusions, the same situation is in my mind. This is a continuous process of exploration, experiencing and creating ideas for future. A seemingly trivial things, words, paints or situations very often result as material or unmaterial product, but always it has some form. From time to time these are fleeting, written somewhere and played things, and  that’s how it is. I catch this fleeting and recombine it to words and music. But from time to time they escape... In The Universe? 
Mark: Pawel is the author of all lyrics. I don’t know what comes to his head, I don’t say that he is crazy, but who knows? ;)  Pure life situations are not connected with Pandemonium’s lyrics. They are backing echoes from subconsciousness, written as words. In this way Summerian tales without happy end and blasphemous yelps of mad daemons taken from christian religion are mixed in vortex of madness, fear and waiting for the worst. Does the hell exist? Of course, the hell can unleash in the mind of human and the hell can change human’s life to nightmare. Only from this point of view the death is relased.
All of us have private music fascinations, we like a lot of the same artists, but a lot of them are different for us. All of Pandemonium crew like to listen to Morbid Angel, Slayer, Samael, Shining, Bathory, Celtic Frost but Dead Can Dance or soundtracks too. This gives us the common base that allows us to compose songs, all of which we are satisfied.

What is your opinion about connecting metal with other music genres, first of all I think about folkmetal genre, because I’m a big fan of it and very often I’ve asked bands about it in my inties. BTW, I would ask you about the future of Polish Metal Scene, you are a legendary metal group, you have the right to answer...
Paul:  In music is the same situation as in love – full contact, I suppose. You can see, how many funfuckingtasting albums were relased because musicians broke the schemes. Act of creation is unleashed. From time to time people are not ready to these proposition yet, but good projects and experiments result in interesting solutions, this is better process than trecording still the same CDs.
Mark: I grew up during those years and I don’t force music to compete  between one or other, I think. I divide music as good music and bad music without looking on genres or mixed genres. I like good, interesting and intelligent connections but I like oldschool sounds too. Metal music evolved, because metal included more philosophy than clean sterile classical music which was played as a strict regimen. Metal is more climate, dark atmosphere than scheme of ultrablasts or supersonic riffs with gain put on max overdrive. I like good folk, in particular from Scandinavia, Slavic folk and folk from the Balkans even if it is more included in the track than guitar sounds. A lot of bands play it very well, e.g Otyg, Moonspell at the beggining, Korpiklaani and Bathory – Viking metal is a folk too ! A lot of our local black/pagan metal bands use a lot of folk motives, and this is very good idea. I remember my first contact with in my opinion gothic metal album, that was Paradise Lost’s „Gothic”, this CD totally kicked my ass !!! Music is like spices in the kitchen, you can mix it as you wish, but if you haven’t a concept or use too much drugs, you will be destroyed. If you have a good idea – do it, but if you haven’t any idea to be original, please don’t force to be a very original, because you will be the next shit in local toilet.
Let’s get back to the concerts. Situations are different in other places, from time to time a concert is cancelled. That is why I would like to ask about two situations, extremely good and extremely bad, that happened during your shows.
Paul: That were singles actions... In my opinion there is not a good idea to remeber these things. From time to time organisators had problems with logistics, from time to time the main organisator was a too big fantast, I know they wanted to be good, but... Let’s talk about important things, things which was held and things which will be held in the nearest future, this is important to discuss. Other is nothing.
Mark: We experienced, during our very rich erotic, sorry, stage ;) life all possible combinations. From time to time shit happened although everything seemed to be going well, because strings broke, because staff was too drunk to work, because the audience stayed like pillars and so on. Hundreds of minor accidents combined together can give you a full view. From time to time we played in dirty looking clubs in ghost-town but people who came at gigs were absolutely great

Have you ever played abroad? What about fans’ reactions?
Paul: We played some gigs abroad. I believe, that as the band, which don’t play abroad very often, like Behemoth or Vader, we received a very good  feedback from the audiences. Unfortunately if we would like to visit all places of the World, we will have to change our life upside down. I’m afraid it is impossible now.
Mark:  Of course, in the 90th Pandemonium played gigs in Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. A few years ago we played gigs in Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine. In all of these places the atmosphere was great although people didn’t know Pandemonium. In our memory we still have good organisation, professional staff and fantastic metal fans. I always like playing in Western Europe, that is the place, where people know how to organise metal gigs.

And at the end of this intie tell us where we can find you in internet and how is current Pandemonium’s line up?
P. We have got some profiles like this:

And this is my private website, if you mind:

Our line up: Paul – guitar and vocal, Mark – guitar, Michael – bass guitar and Simon – drums.

Thanks for intie !!!
P & M. Thanks for intie and your support. Keep in touch !!! 

Other info: 



PANDEMONIUM discography:

1991 – Rehearsal - tape [selfrelased]
1992 – Devilri – tape [Carnage Records]
1993 – The Ancient Catatonia – tape/CD [Baron Records]
2001 – Devilri/The Ancient Catatonia/bonus live tracks – CD [Apocalypse Productions]
2004 – Devilri/Live in S`thrash`ydło `91 – CD [Apocalypse Productions]
2004 – The Zonei – CD [Mystic Productions]
2007 – Hellspawn – CD [Mystic Productions]
2010 – Promo 2010 – limitowany DigiCD [Godz Ov War Productions]
2010 – Devilri – limitowany 12”LP [Godz Ov War Productions/Hellshop]

DOMAIN discography:

1995 – Pandemonium – tape [Morbid Noizz Productions]
1999 –…from Oblivion – CD [Apocalypse Productions]
2002 – Gat Etemmi – CD [Apocalypse Productions]

Answers by Paul (guitar, vocal) and Mark (guitar)
Interviewed by Vilcin

March 2011
Email: contact@pestwebzine.com