Country: Italy
Title: Is, Qui Mortem Audit
Label: Auric Records
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Black Metal project founded in 2013 by members of a Brutal Death Metal band, Gangrenectomy, I suppose for fun, as most of them left Fordomth in the meantime and only one remained, Gianluca Cardillo. The other members are also involved in other bands, but I guess, seeing that Fordomth has a full line-up, it can be considered a real band, with live appearances (well, when possible), and what I have here is the band's second full-length album, a 4 tracks (plus one bonus, a hidden track) totaling 36 minutes of playing time, offering an oppressive, sinister, brutal and atmospheric kind of Black Metal with rhythms ranging from slow to fast paced and everything in between. It's a good material, brutal and heavy, with a good production, but unfortunately it doesn't stand out with anything, there are a ton of other similar releases out everyday now and the probability for this one to get noticed from the crowd is close to zero. It seems the lyrical content is quite important form Fordomth, and it should complete the overall material, but since the lyrics are not published in versions (digital, CD, tape), and the vocals, even the very few clean vocal parts, are incomprehensible Black Metal shrieks combined with sinister growls, so it's impossible to understand something which ultimately deprives the listener from the whole ensemble. The fifth track, hidden, is an ambient apocalyptic soundscape completed by shamanic throat singing like the ones from Inuit tribes, don't know what's the link between it and the rest of the tracks either. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10