Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Mike Decker-The band started out with Simon(Savard) and Tommy (Vaillancourt) Looking for people who were like minded in the style and approach to music as themselves. They heard about Myself (Mike Decker) through a mutual friend and I went out and met the guys. We instantly clicked as I am such a likeable guy (HAHA). Joe (Ménard) met the band after we needed a sub-in on a couple of shows, we liked his effort and approach and he became a member a couple of months after that. Jesus (Salazar) who sung on the CD joined the band almost the same way as Joe (we had a couple of members changes due to personality and professionalism conflicts). Sadly, he could not continue after the release, due to personal reasons. We have since then acquired (ex-The Catalyst) Vocalist Matt Bailie to now helm "The Broken" for the future.
As for a history of the members we all have been playing music since a very young age and with multiple projects and styles. Playing heavy groove-oriented music seemed to always be the fallback, so in retrospect became the path and musical pattern for BornBroken.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?
Mike Decker- Thrash Groove-core, Some say "it's like getting a bat to your head and punch to your face at the same time". Call it what you want, if it can get you moving, then we did our job. It seems most of the media has labeled us Pantera mixed with Lamb of God and a dash of Hatebreed. We all come from different musical backgrounds and listen to a wide range of music genres and styles i.e: Johnny Cash to Deicide. We guess our major influences would be music that can get you groovin',  movin' and tearing it up in the pit. 

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Mike Decker - Why Not? Being a metalhead in our terms means liking music for the feeling of what it brings out of you. Letting go at shows and becoming one with some who loves the same music as you. We have to support each other as Metal use to be all underground, and still is by many standards. Some bands Have been able to break through and achieve "RockStar" Status, but the rest of us do it because of our love/passion for music and feeling we get from playing/listening to it. We have poured our souls into making "The Healing Powers of Hate" CD/DVD Format the best we can. It is our first Impression on the Metal community. It is only by you the people buying our CD's that we will and can be heard.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Mike Decker - Yes we play live, but have not left Canada yet, It is our goal for 2014-2015 to be able to tour North America in support of our Sophmore CD. We give our live show the same respect we give our music, the live show is where people get to experience what we do in the jamspace. We leave no holds barred. You can see some of our recents shows on with our new singer Mat Bailie.

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
Mike Decker - Not to sound Cliché but we pour all of our blood, sweat and tears into BornBroken. All the hours in the studio to the layout of the concept DVD Style Packaging. We live, eat, s**t music. If breathing should come second it would to us.
As far as anyone else being interested in it, we will let the music speak for itself and leave the opinion up to you.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Mike Decker - Like I had mentioned earlier we are working hard already on our sophomore release and are planning to have a couple songs out by winter-spring 2014 latest to keep everybody interested while we finish the rest of the CD. 

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Mike Decker - You can search for BORNBROKEN on the net and find multiple place to hear our music.

http://www.bornbroken.bandcamp - Bandcamp - purchase CD 15$ + postage - Soundcloud stream of CD - Official website of BornBroken

We would just like to end this with saying thank you Pest Webzine and all it's fanbase for taking the time to check out BornBroken…Hear the Cry, The Broken Shall RIse.

September 2013