Country: Peru
Title: Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm!
Label: From Deepest Records
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

Whenever I think of Peruvian underground I think of the biggest rip-off guy ever surfaced Worldwide, Christian Felipe Paucar Toledo (google it if you don't know about him, and definitely reject all his requests if ever), and primitive, brutal, highly aggressive Extreme Metal bands. Katari is a duo that makes no exception from this "rule", this debut album of theirs comes out after 12 years since their foundation and offers to the audience a devastating discharge of bestial Black Metal, fast paced, incessant, organic and evil sounding made of simple, repetitive, headbanging-friendly guitar riffs, brutal live recorded drums, disgusting ghoulish shrieks and subtle bass lines, with an organic, unpolished production that's actually perfect for this type of music. Far from being original or innovative in any way, Katari still managed to offer a good release that convince the listener they are honest about what they do here; fans of Bestial Metal will surely dig this 9 tracks effort clocking half an hour of music.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10