Country: Greece
Title: Warrior Path
Label: Symmetric Records
Year: 2019
Style: Epic Heavy Power Metal

Warrior Path seems to be the one man project of guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou, joined on this debut album by excellent musicians such as Bob Katsionis, well-known from Firewind among other bands, who also took care of production, or Yannis Papadopoulos from Nuclear Blast signed Beast in Black band, and the result is notable to say the least. 10 tracks lasting for a bit over an hour, Warrior Path is an album that has it all for fans of Heavy and Power Metal, from guitar driven melodies to the absolutely stunning Yannis' versatile vocals, from epic, almost viking-like atmospheres combined with fantasy-type lyrics, to the Hard-Rock/AOR influenced ballads (3 of them!), yet the tracks seem a bit too long ranging from almost 4 minutes to the 10 minutes mark. From the complex, well thought of guitar work (there's so much to take in on each of the 10 tracks), to the vast topics of the lyrics it's quite clear Andreas took a long time to come up with this album, actually to polish it to its current form, and the result is really good, I'm sure he's proud of it, but at the same time I hope this is not a one time feat and that's it with the band/project, hopefully he will continue and followup with a second, even better album. Definitely recommended if you're at least a bit into Epic Heavy Power Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10