Country: Finland
Title: We Were Always Alone
Label: Wroth Emitter Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Funeral Doom Death Metal

Not sure if naming it a Finnish band is totally accurate since Oakmord is made of a Finn and a German, an International duo better said, but what ties them together seems to be their time in the now defunct My Shameful. Oakmord seems to be a continuation of the band that reported a pretty important success on the Doom Death scene having released no less than 6 studio albums on labels like Firebox/Firedoom and MFL, important promoters of the genre. This debut album, although following a clear Funeral Doom Death path, is only half an hour long, unusual for this genre, featuring 4 tracks between 5 and 9 minutes each. The compositions are what you'd expect from such a material, long, dragging, sorrowful, oppressive harmonies that build up from calm, meditative passages to some desperate, hopeless, ultra-heavy ones lead by some really expressive and versatile vocals that might be the band's highlight in my books. The second song has a particular touch, some sort of a radio waves effect that I haven't heard before and I find it very, very interesting how it blends with the overall composition; this tracks is also more ferocious, and a bit more on the Doom Death side than Funeral I'd say. Fans of the genre will surely be impressed by this come-back, the band just needs to find its place in a genre that doesn't allow too much variation and where it's pretty hard to come up with a sound of your own.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10