Country: International
Title: Humanimals
Label: Despise the Sun Records
Year: 2019
Style: Brutal Death Metal

International band made of Italian bassist and vocalist Tato from Zora (btw Tato, is Zora dead and buried at the moment?) and American drummer and guitarist Chris from Human Repugnance in 2017, Antipathic seems to be a pretty serious thing; after releasing their debut EP the same year the band was founded, here we have here their debut full-length material, a 12 tracks effort (plus a hidden track) clocking around half an hour of playing time. We're dealing with traditional Brutal Death Metal combining fast and aggressive parts with groovy mid-tempo passages and even slow, creepy parts to make things even more interesting. The production is good enough, nothing to complain, yet the drums sound too synthetic for my taste; the vocal parts are a combination of barks and gurgles with high-pitched hissing and screams, you wouldn't say they have real lyrics, yet the lyrical aspect of this album seems to be pretty interesting in case you're into sci-fi stuff; good fact is the cover artwork is in symbiosis with the album thematic, so we're dealing with a pretty well-thought material. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10