Country: Belgium
Title: Singularity
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2019
Style: Symphonic Gothic Metal

New band from Belgium playing a genre that I thought was outdated nowadays, or better said not played anymore only by rare bands (or might they be one of those rare bands? I don't know), Elusion was founded in 2015 and this one is their debut studio album released 3 years distance from their debut EP, Desert of Enticement. The band delivers a kind of Symphonic Gothic Metal that made me think of a combination of Power Metal on the instrumental part, Within Temptation, Rain Fell Within (the vocal part), and even a bit of Haggard (symphonic folk/ethnic passages and instruments) or even Astarte (Black Metal female shrieks reminding of the late Tristessa) at times; not sure how accurate is this, but Elusion's style is quite wide and influenced by a ton of different sounds from different styles even though their core structure is based on a Sympho Gothic Metal a la beginning of the 2000's. We get a lot of surprising elements all the time although the band keeps it all in the confines of the genre, so the fans won't be disappointed. There's plenty going on here which makes me think they spent a good while building the whole thing to sound curdled and interesting at the same time. Gove this one a spin, but give it a chance even if you're not hooked after a couple of tracks, it will grow on you as it unfolds, be patient. I won't be surprised to see this band going far in the near future.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10