Country: France
Title: Passing the Nekromanteion
Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Black Death Metal

Interesting to see this influential French band returning after a decade of silence, with a ton of wrath and venom, but at the same time following a seemingly well-calculated schedule, taking it slow, with an EP, hence preparing the surprised audience for what's to come, a new, fifth, full-length album. At the same time it's interesting to see the band "playing" under a different roster than Osmose, the one that marked most of their career; the band has signed with the ever-growing LAdlO Productions and I'm sure this will be a good decision for both the label and band, a fresh new beginning. The new EP is made of 4 long tracks with a total duration of more than half an hour, so by Today's standard this could have easily been considered a full-length. If you know Arkhon Infaustus you know the level of brutality and destruction its music delivers, and it's no different this time, a technical, sinister, oppressive Black Metal of Death I'd say, but with plenty of room for the listener to breathe and consider himself safe, just to attack again, even more ferocious, evem more vicious than before. The fourth track for example is instrumental and acts like a post-apocalyptic soundtrack, bringing a disturbing and frightening calm after a fierce battle that was obviously lost. The production is grandiose, very precise and thorough, there's nothing underachieving here, so all in all this is a kicking come-back for one of the most important names in French Black Metal to regaing its well-deserved place among the top acts again. A really serious effort, don't miss it, I like it a lot and will definitely revisit it again and again!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10