Country: Poland
Title: The Return of Derelict Gods
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Black Metal

The new (well, in 2019 was new) Empheris full-length album is released 11 years after the previous although the band has been really active and always in the spotlight, if I may say so for an underground band, participating on tons of splits and releasing a handful of demos and EPs, I wonder what made them work so much for this new album, why waiting that much to release a new studio material if you're very active anyway. But despite all this activity to me it seems Empheris pass a bit unobserved, at least not as much as they would deserve. We're treated here with 10 new tracks in a bit over 40 minutes of playing time, a Blackened Thrash Metal that's both quite accessible to the profane and raw and dirty as it is supposed to be, and I also have to mention it comes with plenty of catchy choruses and memorable riffs to stick to your mind after the audition. Fast paced, rough yet easy flowing, fierce, brutal and fine balanced between repetition and variety, the new Empheris album is a lesson in speed and violence lead by a very distinctive voice of Adrian, one of the two remaining founding members. At some point there was a real hype about this Blackened Thrash Metal thing and (too) many bands popped out everywhere which ultimately led to the auto-suffocation of the scene, but if there are still fanatics of the genre still around they should know this one is a not to miss album, a very well done piece of music brutality from a band that should get much more attention.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10