Country: France
Title: Sanctification
Label: Fog of the Apocalypse Records
Year: 2011 (?)
Style: Black Metal

Not sure how come I received this CD for review, or who sent it, I'm not even sure the release year is the one above, 2011, but that's what I was able to find searching the net. The debut album of Mors Aeterna was firstly released by the band (actually a one man band by one of the members in Amazarak), then picked up and re-released as digipak CD by Fog of the Apocalypse. It features 7 tracks of satanic, occult Black Metal ranging from mid-tempo to fast paced, and highlighted by a rough, grainy, abrasive production more fit for a demo than a studio album. The music itself is pretty varied and has a lot of influences from other genres, but in the end is still a tough, oppressive Black Metal well worth a better recording quality. The drum-machine is nothing special, of course, but the guitar work is interesting, and the vocals are vicious enough to create some pretty dangerous atmospheres. The fifth track, The Great Sabbat, features a short female vocals passage that reminded me of the Italian Evol, but for the rest I'd say I was quite disappointed I couldn't enjoy the music because of the shitty production. There was potential here, but since this was released nothing else happened in Mors Aeterna's camp, so I guess this is quite done for good.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5/10