Country: Italy
Title: Gray Painted Garden
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2018
Style: Modern Melodic Metal

Inira are around since 2005, yet this is only their second full-length album, so we're dealing with a not so productive ensemble I'd say. It seems they have started out as Melodic Death Metal outfit, but this new album of theirs is pretty far from that, the 11 tracks featured (in 50 minutes of playing time) are offering a mix of Melodic Metal with Eletro, Metalcore and Alternative Metal, maybe with a bit of Djent thrown inthere, too. The first thing that hits you is the guitar tone, as low as it can be, producing some damn heavy riffs all the time, which supported by a similarly downtuned bass line and a progressive-oriented intricate drumming, decorated by melodic and modern guitar lines (with serious Indie influences) and various types of solos here and there make up a solid and complex release with plenty to enjoy and dicover along the lines. The vocals are as diverse as the music is, ranging from melodic screams (if I can say so) to almost whispered soft, laid back vocals, to vocals on multiple layers that sound almost like choirs, mesmerizing choirs I'd say. All in all this is a fresh, interesting, captivating release for fans of Alternative Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10