Country: Norway
Title: Even Angels Fail
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Panic Room, where bands like Jorn or Blood Tsunami previously did their thing, Even Angels Fail, Ghost Avenue's third full-length album is a passes the quality control even before the audition, and that is perfectly sustained by facts: the album sounds impeccable, crystal clear, metallic, perfectly polished but not overly-produced, heavy and wide. From this point of view the new Ghost Avenue is a hit, and to support that the band also delivers a top-notch array of infecting riffs, melodic leads and solos and diverse song-writing to fit all Heavy Metal listeners' taste. Lead by a vocalist that sounds like a mix between the vocals in Scorpions and Hammerfall, these 10 tracks featured here in a bit over 50 minutes of playing time are bound for glory, but in my opinion there's only one (unfortunately big) impediment: the song choruses are a total fiasco, after the audition I can only remember the guy's excellent vocal timbre, but nothing from the tracks, not one single chorus. The last track of the album, the title-track, starts like a ballad, but ends up in being probably the heaviest track on the album, a very good composition from my point of view. If the guys find a way to get their choruses simpler and catchier (shouldn't be that hard, right?), this band will slay the competition!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10