First of all, congratulations for your latest creation, it’s one of a few that respect the standards of true technical death metal, please tell us the story of the band, how it all start?
Hi! Thank you very much I formed the band in Autumn 2006 together with my old friend guitarist Simone. We were sure we wanted to do death metal so we immediately started to look for the other members and start composing our first songs. We recorded 3 albums and a demo and despite the various line-up changes I never gave up.

Before we talk about your latest album, would you describe the themes of all your albums?
The themes discussed in the old albums are various from the war to the human mechanization.

How will you described your new creation?
In the new album, the new chapter we tried to mix the modern sound with soma old-school riff.

Is there good compositions or bad compositions on it? (in my opinion they aren’t) 
I will be honest we could have done more but it is normal for a musician to always seek perfection that does not always arrive but we are happy that the new album has still had a good response from the crowd

Would you be so kind to explain what every song is all about?
1. I am the godless man: It speaks of the futility of religion and its dogmas that still block the development and progress of humanity.

2. Till the sun is no longer black: In this song we talk about the Roman Empire and persecution of Christians.

3. Walking dead: It speaks of the current society seen as almost all homologated zombies without a critical and analytical capacity.

4. Before the dawn: Instrumental.

5. Overlord: It talks about the D-Day and the struggle of the allies on the beaches of France.

6. What Remains: Instrumental.

7. Black faith: It talks about the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church during the period of the Inquisition.

8. Dark Echoes: Talks about the soldiers affected post-traumatic syndrome

9. Bow To Death: The desire of revenge that all men hatch after suffering abuses

10. War face: It speaks of religion that turns people into terrorists and leads them to perform ignoble acts in the name of a presumed god.

11. Red blood on white snow: It also speaks of the second world war but we move on the Russian front in this case  

The productions is also very good, did you have good time in studio?
We had good time in studio, we worked a lot and we are happy with results.

What can we expect from your new album, will be in the same line with your latest?
During this pandemic we are composing a lot and we would like to record the next album once we are free again. It will be different from the latest work as it was with all of our albums. however it will be a surprise

What hobbies do you have except music, by the way your favorite musicians are?
I like to do yoga, read and to draw. My favorite bands are: Slayer, Lamb Of God, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and many others.

The cover illustration is interesting, who’s ideas were and the meaning?
The idea came from our graphic designer Colin Marks with whom we have been collaborating for years. we sent him our texts and asked him to make a cover that expresses how much religion for many people is a noose around their neck that it blocks their minds and their development.

In the end, you have the final word for all our readers…
Thank you for spending some time reading this interview and thank you Ionutz for giving us this space to tell a little about us. we hope to get back to normal soon and play around again.

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev / Answers by Luciana Catananti (Lucy)

April 2021