Country: Germany
Title: Promo 2018
Label: Ancient Spirit Terror
Year: 2018
Style: Blackened Death Metal

The four tracks featured on this promo tape are an advence to the band's upcoming debut full-length album, Black Abomination Spawn, scheduled for a 2019 release under Ancient Spirit Terror. This is the old-school way of promoting an upcoming release, in the '80's and '90's this was the norm, everyone was doing it, but nowadays it's an absolute rarity, I think I got under 5 such promo tapes in the last 10 years of reviewing stuff, so kudos to the band and/or label for the idea. Omegavortex has been around since 2007 with multiple line-up changes and a band name change (it was named Ambevilence until 2017), but this is the first time the band is close to releasing its debut album. This tape has a note printed on the cover that the final result, the actual album will be better produced and executed, so quite frankly I was expecting a shit sounding demo, but after the firt track I was convinced this is the real deal and the band doesn't have and shouldn't do any improvements on either execution nor production, the chaotic (yet well thought and structured) way the band's music is presented (played and recorded) should be the band's path, that's for sure; their Blackened Death Metal works perfectly with this unpolished presentation and the combination is deadly. Brutal, dark, hypnotic, voracious, oppressive, this tape has it all, I hope the band don't skrews things up with a fancy studio production for their debut album.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10