Country: Germany
Title: Die Arroganz der Sterne
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Raw Black Metal

Second album from ASU in 2019 and the project's 4th full-length since its inception in 2016 Die Arroganz der Sterne is definitely a demanding material. For who's not familiar with this band, ASU plays a raw, unpolished, really sharp and abrasive sounding Black Metal mixing different variants of this genre: Primitive Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal, but all with a rough and unapologetic production. Then all albums by ASU are really long, and this one is no exception, 6 tracks delivered in only a bitt short of 80 minutes of playing time. Not sure why this was composed during 2009 and 2010 and only released a decade later though. This album made me notice something interesting about my taste in Metal lately: since I listen to so much Metal on a daily basis, and most of it is very well produced, carefully polished and professionally served, I have started to enjoy these organic, demo-quality sounding, rough recordings more and more. I'm sure not many of you will have the time and disposition to go through this ear-endangering recording here, but if you do you'll be surprised to discover the many interesting facets this band proposes, from cosmic synth-based soundscapes, to melodic semi-acoustic guitar driven inserts, to monotonous repetitive crispy riffing, to the absolutely soul-freezing outbursts of Black Metal hell, to some horrifying Ambient passages that enhance the overall impression on the listener. Actually I think there's a good balance between the ear-shattering raw side of this album and its melodic, softer, calmer side. Try it out, but again, be warned you'll immerse yourselves into freezing, uneasy waters here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10