Country: The Netherlands
Title: Cold
Label: Stageblast Records
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

By the band name, album title and cover art you'd say this is Black Metal all the way, but when the music starts you realize you're off big time. Gathered together in 2015, Dauthuz are hailing from near Amsterdam and all of them are experienced Extreme Metal musicians, among them Dennis Jak known from the '90's short-lived sensation Nembrionic Hammerdeath (back then I was absolutely fascinated by the band name) and Black Metallers Unlord who did good at the turn of the millennium. Also the band has a debut album released in 2017 with a single featuring the singer from Izegrim released as a single with official video to back it up. More reasons for this band to be more known, but apparently the first label they worked with didn't know how to exploit these advantages... Anyway, the band is now on Stageblast Records that might very well be their own label, and it seems they are working hard on promoting this album that is already gathering raving feedback. Compared to the band's debut album, this one was recorded with a new vocalist, and a new drummer, and even of Dennis Jak is the onw writing the music, it's clear the core is still there but the delivery has changed pretty much. We're dealing here with an old-school Death Metal with touches from the Melodic Death scene, but keeping it damn brutal, heavy as fuck, technical and absolutely precise all the time. I wouldn't say the band has a particular area that excels the others, all musicians are performing their best here and while there might be some passages that enhance the guitar work, some other will give space to the rhythm section to stand out, and the vocals are great as well delivering a mix between guttural growls and hateful screams. I think the band name might keep some OLDM fans away from trying out their music, but if they'll do I'm sure they'll change their opinion, we're dealing here with a clearly experienced bunch of Death Metal musicians that know how to perform their craft. Recommended!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10