Country: Singapore
Title: Obey the Antichrist
Label: Narcoleptica Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal

Founded back in 1997 under a different name (Disarray), Demonification activates under the current moniker since 1999, so we're dealing here with a true veteran of the Singapore Extreme Metal scene even if between 2004 and 2011 the band was on a hiatus. Obey the Antichrist is their fourth full-length album, released in three different ways, one by the band themselves, one by a label called Love Has Been Taken from Us in only 13 copies (wtf is that?), and the one I have for a review, a 300 limited CD edition by Narcoleptica. This one has also an extra track, a cover of Sodom's Outbreak of Evil, beside the 8 own songs, so you can guess what music they play: fast, dirty, old-school, simple and straight-forward type of Blackened Thrash Metal, nothing original but played with passion and quite catchy I can say, following patterns of the genre that have already proven to be successful. I don't like the vocals though, there's nothing impressive or menacing about this type of screams in my opinion, they are more like yells of fear than screams capable of inducing fear, but this is my personal opinion though, I know there are plenty of bands using this timbre. The instrumental part is quite simplistic, there's nothing too fancy and I'm sure they don't intend to change or bring anything new into this genre, they just like to play it and do a good job offering an energetic, entertaining, fun type of old-school Black Thrash. What I like the most about it are the guitar solos and the organic production, good choice! They should be great on live shows where I'm sure they manage to raise hell.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10