Country: Russia
Title: Anamnesis Morbi
Label: Wroth Emitter Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Technical Death Metal

Wow, this one is a total blast! I have a real hard time pronouncing and at first even reading this band's name, but who cares, their music is fantastic! This CD is made of 9 tracks + intro + outro, in fact a re-recording of the band's first release with the same name initially out in 1990, hence a 30 years anniversary release. The band was active between 1990 and 1997, released a few demos and a full-length album, and now it seems to be back at it as a duo, so a studio project. The music on this album is amazing if you're into old-school abrasive, blunt, very technical and quite experimental Progressive Thrash Death Metal, something way ahead of their times I guess. Compared to the current Progressive Death Metal, the one from the early '90's was not that easy to digest, you had to enjoy both technical, complex structures as well as more brutal and sharp passages, there was plenty of melody still, but the accent was on the technical part, like a race to prove one's skills and surpass them, to show the World around you Death Metal is not that simple and mindless as they would have thought. This is the impression I get when listening to this album, that the musicians gave their all to compose and produce it. There are so many surprising elements and parts on this album I consider it an absolute top Prog Death releases of the '90's even though I have just had the chance to listen to it. The addition of occasional female vocals (soprano) is stunning, I can't believe how well it sounds within this whole mechanism. Outstanding, you should really give it a try!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10