Country: Norway
Title: Gjennom frossen skog
Label: Isfjellhav Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Doom Thrash Metal

This was the debut material from Norwegian band Skadefro, in the meantime they also released their debut album (also reviewed here before). 5 tracks, 25 minutes of playing time, seemingly recorded in one take as there are plenty of execution flaws unedited, but that wouldn't be a problem, it all sounds organic and honest. Traditional, primitive even, form of mid-tempo Black Metal with passages that are so opposite one from another you won'r believe it: for example the track Gjennom frossen skog is mostly built on childish, simplistic riffs supported by a groovy drums rhythm more suitable to kids who just started to play Metal (not Black Metal) is in contradiction with the beautiful guitar lead and solo from the instrumental Hva fjellet ikke lar oss se where also the bass line is pretty rad, upfront and heavy it shows potential and attitude. The last track is typical to second wave of Norwegian Black Metal, and it's pretty cool, but still the overall impression is the band has still plenty to improve on; the good thing is I've already reviewed their newest material and it's much better than this one, so I would only recommend Gjennom frossen skog to fanatic collectors.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5/10