Country: Mexico
Title: Sadistic Blood Ceremony
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Holy crap, this is some of the tightest Death Metal releases I've heard in a while. Blasphemathory are a trio made of members or ex members of bands like Hacavitz, Cenotaph (MX), Grotesque Deity or Putrescence, and this is their debut EPreleased the same year the band was founded, so they're up to a good and serious start being signed by the famous underground Mexican label IBDC, too. Three of the tracks featured here are original compositions (none below the 5 minutes mark), and the final piece is a cover of Horde of Zombies by Terrorizer, a good one indeed, but I still prefer the original. Their tracks are mid-tempo to fast paced Death Metal highlighted by some excellent guitar work (fat guitar riffs supported by various types of solos at times), a fantastic drumming both in execution and sound, and a bulldozer like bass line, and all this lead by a mad, rabid growling vocal that sings in a very understandable manner, which is perfect for such a band, they can appeal to more than the regular Death Metal fans. Brutality, intense power, anger, energy, you get them all here, the only weak part of this EP is its length, if you're into traditional Death Metal I asure you you'll be sorry it's this short (20 minutes). Fantastic debut, hope they'll followup with a full-length as this band has a bright future!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10