Country: Spain
Title: Echoes
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

Infrahumano were formed in 2014 in Spain, and prior to this they have tested the water by releasing a demo, Thousand Eyes, in 2017.
This one here is an advance promo CD featuring 4 tracks that will later be featured on the band's debut album, Echoes of Decay, which is already out on CD format limited to 200 copies. The music is something I would recommend kids to listen to if they're into the new wave of OSDM as it is quite different from the simple guitar riffs, distorted growling vocals and primitive drumming that's so fashionable nowadays and that will ruin again the scene like it did in the end of the '90's. Infrahumano's music is based on beefy, addictive, memorable guitar riffs seconded by excellent leads and especially solos, on a platter of organic drums that range from groovy to brutal straight-forward and a bass line with definite personality that seriously influences the way the music is delivered as a whole, and above this a growling but comprehensive vocal that could have been a bit more versatile but does the job correctly after all. If this would have appeared in Florida in the end '80's, this band would have been on all t-shirts nowadays, just the timing isn't perfect here, almost all the rest is, so from my point of view this is a recommended release, do yourselves a favor and don't avoid it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10