Band: Various Artists
Country: Spain
Title: Tetrarchia Ex Bestia
Label: Blood Fire Death / Negre PlanY
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

4 bands from the Spanish Extreme Metal underground presenting themselves on this split, an unusual idea nowadays when such splits / compilations seem to be obsolete for the majority. 
Balcelona based duo Judaswiege open the hostilities with 4 tracks of extreme Thrash Black Death Metal with raw production, and an even rawer vocal that might be too abrasive to many. This is my first encounter with the band, but actually I'm impressed by what they deliver: fast paced, intnse, chaotic, organic compositions with exquisite guitar work, an upfront bass line, frantic drumming and the abrasive vocals I was mentioning before. I'll keep an eye on this band for sure.
Next is a trio from Madrid, Moribundo, with three tracks, one of them being only half minute long even though it's their closest thing to Funeral Doom, isn't that something? Well, the other two tracks are equally impressive as the previous band, a dark, franticly intense type of Doom Death Metal with occasional mid-tempo passages, atmospheric keyboards that build a monumental atmosphere, tormenting guitar riffs supported by melodic leads that in my opinion are what sets the band apart, and to top these a cavernous growling vocal that slips into screams occasionally. A violin a la My Dying Bride would have made this absolutely fantastic!
Sonambula from Bilbao offer 2 tracks of Doom Death Metal with a solid emphasis on the Death Metal part of it, throwing in even some D-Beat influences. Quite simplistic compositions that stand out through their brutality and organic production, fans of old-school extreme Doom Death will appreciate it.
Barbarian Swords from Barcelona, probably the best known band on this split, are offering two long tracks of Funeral Blackened Doom Metal made by slow and tormenting drums, even slower bass lines, tremolo guitar riffs and a vicious, venom-spitting vocal. The occasional fast Black Metal passages are excellent in contrast with the rest of the compositions. It feels like witnessing some sort of decaying sermon; the band definitely knows how to create a funerary atmosphere and build towards the intense passages. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10  8/10  7.5/10  8/10