Immundus is a one man project dedicated to delightfully scary Ghost and Cinematic Horror Music. The artist behind Immundus had a conversation with Pest Webzine to share details about his ideas, visions and upcoming album "Insomnia” which will be out in April.

Immundus is the stage name you had in Nekrocult of Kronos, a black/death metal band in which you were the vocalist and bassist. What were your thoughts when you first choose it? 
I didn’t really choose it myself. The name came even before Necrokult of Kronos, on very early days. The Fact NOK was a more active band, made the name stick out more. This was a stage name given by my friends who I played with back then, the name felt natural and has been along the way ever since, and included then as the name of my own solo project as I felt it suitable to what I was starting to create. 

Immundus is your solo project. You used to be involved in metal bands… what’s the main advantage of working solo? And the disadvantage?
Doing whatever I please or want, without having to check out if a tune or a sound would be a good fit, is a big plus but also being able to use 100% of my own creation and mind concept for my own music without having to answer to anyone or anybody, gives me a great sense of freedom… also I don’t have to feel I’m on a time schedule and I’m therefore being able to rehearse whenever I please… dont take me wrong, because I had the greatest time playing with NOK. I don’t really know if I can find a disadvantage being in a band either. They are two completely different things that require different mind settings and whatever path an artist decides to choose, he’ll always find the advantages and not the downsides. In my case anyway, looking for the disavantages would most likely lead to a sort of regret and probably lack of inspiration to write music, solo or not.

Why have you chosen to describe your music as Ghost and Cinematic Horror Music?
There are so many music descriptions these days for dark ambient music, but, in my case, the main reason is simply because these are the themes and concepts I base most of my music on. I have always been curious about the afterlife and the mysterious side of life. At the same time, I’m a huge fan of horror themed features, so combining what I like most and being able to compose music on these themes, made it all very natural for my music description.

On the 19th june 2013, there was an update in Immundus’ facebook page which stated: "While Immundus continues to work on new music, the title for the next release has come to a conclusion and the next album will be named "The Grotesque Harmony Of Someone´s Life" to be released via Nine Gates Records.” Why has the title changed since then? Or this is another release altogether?
Yes, this was supposed to be the title for the album that was scheduled with Nine Gates Records, but after I parted ways with the record label (friendly closure) I decided that would be best for me to start something new and fresh for my next release, starting with a change in the title and take it from there. The main song that has this title was written but was never released to the listeners, so it is now currently available as a single exclusively via Resource Sound.

Your new release "Insomnia” will be released soon. What can you tell us about it? Will it be in the same line as the previous releases? 
"Insomnia” is scheduled for a release in April if all goes well… the budget for the album is still not all in place, but I’m getting there and hopefully I’ll have "Insomnia” released not only via digital but also in physical format. The album will be less experimental than the latest releases and will have a more musical approach with more structure. I went back to my earlier releases for some of the inspiration. Perhaps musically it will be a nice blend of old and new…the album is coming along great and I’m really inspired working on this album, so I’m very much looking forward to expose it to the listeners. It is based on a different concept and theme from the earlier releases, focusing on a more introspective approach, nontheless still combining my main interests.

I believe 100% of your music is instrumental. How’s it writing an album without vocals and lyrics? Do you have an imagined lyric for each track? 
Yes! All my music is instrumental, I take influences from all sorts: Dark Ambient, Alternative, Industrial, sometimes even metal ideas that I compose on guitar but pass them on to keys and soundscapes. I never imagine lyrics, or think any kind of words in my head as Immundus’ music is based mainly on moods, so I picture and create imaginary movies in my head that I then transpose into music. 

Have you already found the designer for the coming album? In which criteria do you base yourself to choose the designer?
Yeah I did! On this album I will have the pleasure to have André Consciência from Portugal helping me with all the artwork. I’ve seen his work and was really impressed so we decided to get on with it. He has already finished the artwork and once this part is 100% I will upload a few graphs. I’m really happy with the end result, and pleased with André’s work. He picked up really quick what I was looking for and the outcome was really great.

As a producer what is the release that you are most proud thus far?
Well, I am proud of all of my releases really. Each had its own way of creation, although one is more frustrating than the one, but I am happy with what I have been accomplishing with Immundus’ work so far.

Your music is perfectly suitable for movie soundtracks. Is there a film/director you would really appreciate to produce music for? Who and why?
Thank you for the feedback… Yeah! Of course! Besides creating albums I have my music available for licensing exclusive via Resource Sound and we are working hard to get the music to features and TV, so this seems like a very promising year for Immundus. I’m not sure there is a favourite director I would like to work with in particular, I like to keep my feet on the ground and work the steps. There is always the dream to follow and I am working towards that path. There are so many good directors, even many who are not known that, in the end, it would not really matter ;)

Your music is usually on the itunes top. How does that make you feel?
Is it? Really? Wow! I don’t follow so much on the iTunes ranks, so this was some fresh news. I know I get downloads daily from different sources, but now that you mentioned me being on iTunes tops, is a great feeling. Always great to see fans and listeners showing appreciation to my music.

You often give away your music for free so it’s obvious you are in favour of the download of music. Why? Doesn’t it affect sales?
I prefer to give my music away for free than to have it illegally downloaded. I have both free and paid in both physical formats and download format, I like to have some flexibility on my music. Free downloads and illegal downloads will always affect sales, and the music industry of today is a proof of that, the fans are slowly destroying the artists and their music without even knowing about it, unfortunately. I try not to think so hard about it and keep my hope that there are always listeners and fans who will support the artists and purchase the music so we can keep on producing music and delivering it for more listening pleasure. Nonetheless, it is really more important for me what I feel about my own music and knowing that creating music makes me a happy guy and if people decide not to buy it… it’s fine really. I will still be the same Immundus I have always been.

Since you create Ghost and Cinematic Horror Music, you are probably a huge cinema fan. Who’s your favorite director? And film? 
I like most dark, horror, psycho thrillers and suspense. I am not a fan of Gore stuff. I like vampiric themes (Not those who shine with the sun, but the real ones haha)…. I am a big fan of paranormal based movies as well, movies on the same wave as SAW, as long as they are done properly! I do not have a favourite movie or director, as long as they are good to watch, I like to keep my mind open and try not to be too selective.

Half of your song sales on ReverbNation goes to Care. What is Care about? Why have you decided to donate money to this institution? What are the causes that touch your heart the most? 
CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty covering 84 countries around the world supporting nearly 1000 poverty fighting development and humanitarian aid projects. Among them, Disaster Relief, Hunger, Health and Education. I believe that fighting poverty should be a priority for everyone. And world leaders perhaps should behave like actual leaders… I don’t discuss personal views on politics and religion here, so I think I will keep this part short.

Please leave a final message to Pest’s readers. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. 
Thank you for the opportunity to this interview and don’t forget to keep up with Immundus as this is promising to be a great year.
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Interview by Sonia Fonseca

March 2014