Country: Czech Republic
Title: Amnesia
Label: MetalGate
Year: 2018
Style: Melodic Thrash Death Metal

Quite young Czech band founded in 2015, a band that released its debut EP a year after their formation and after a couple more years here we have their first full-length album presented in all its splendor in form of a Digipak CD with 12 pages booklet featuring all lyrics, lyrics that in this case are quite important. Amnesia is a concept album about love, loss, grief and nihilism, with a serious topic behind it, one that enforces and give more depth to the material itself. We get 10 tracks in 45 minutes of playing time, a Melodic Thrash Death Metal with serious Doom and Black Metal influences, a complex and classy work with highlights (or emphasis) on the upfront bass lines, good guitar work that gives that classy feeling I mentioned before to the material here and there and on the creation and intertwining of harmonies but at the same time keeping it heavy and massive sounding. Growling but comprehensive vocals are supported by clever guitar riffs and intricate drumming, and all these presented with a crystal clear production. This is indeed a journey to experience, as a debut album I'm impressed by how curdled the band's music sounds, so I'd say it's a very successful first step, one that makes Innersphere a definite promise.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10